Rebellion Of Thunder aka ROT is an Portuguese/European Quake World Clan founded by it's fearless leader ztranger in early 1998.

With many inactive players from around 2009 the clan died and in mid 2018, hammer takes over the Clan and with Mushi they form a new team and a Portuguese Community in QW.

The Clan has now a total of 14 members and is ready to face any opponents in it's way.
The Portuguese Community has around 30 members.

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Long Live The Rebellion !!


Short name: R0T
Top Color: 0
Bottom Color: 1

Head Honcho: hammer
ROT Founder: ztranger
Portuguese Community Founder: Mushi
QW Server & Domain Admin: ved
Discord Server Admins: hammer, mushi, ztranger, ved

Wiki Website ROT
Wiki Website Portugal